Borderline Extra 100 vom 16/02/2001

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese



Borderline Extra ist 100


Ein Rückblick: 70 Minuten aus 100 Sendungen

A review: 70 minutes out of 100 transmissions





Album (Label)





59 to 1


Half Mute (Ralph / Celluloid 1980)


This Tuxedomoon-piece wasen´t played before in Borderline Extra, but pieces from “Half Mute” were played in Borderline Extra 001 (about 1980) and Borderline Extra 002 (about Ralph).


Brian Eno

Kite Stories III (Auszug)


Kite Stories (Opal Records 1999)


It´s out of Borderline Extra 092, a transmission about the Hayward-Gallery exhibition “Sonic Boom – The Art Of Sound”


MX-80 Sound

Frankie I´m Sorry


Out Of The Tunel (Ralph 1980)


MX-80 Sound were really great. This piece we played in the Borderline Extra 002 about the San Francisco Ralph Label.


Joseph Suchy

Ohne Titel (Track 7)


Smi^2le (Grob 2000)


Out of the double-special about Joseph Suchy´s Cologne Grob-Label (Borderline Extra 086). One of the most important labels witch work with improvise music.





The Inner Screen (Home & Garden 2000)


Faun is Peter Teßmer from Kassel. His wonderful music he have presented together with Friedrich in Borderline Extra  046.


Dorgon + Laura Cromwell



Mar (Jumbo Recordings 1999)


Mr. Dorgon is the pseuydonymous of New York multi-instrumentalist Gordon Knauer. We have sended 60 minutes about his work in Borderline Extra 083.


Gastr del Sol

Is That A Riffle When It Rains?


Crookt, Crackt, Or Fly (Drag City 1994)


From our Drag City Special (Borderline Extra 005).



Tried So Hard


Camembert Electrique (Charly 1971)


Up to this day Uwe have maked three specials about Daevid Allen´s group Gong. This track is from Borderline Extra 080. I think a fourth special will follow in near future.


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

From The Melting Paraiso UFO 1


Same (P.S.F. 1997)


In the autumn of 1999 we have sended six transmissions about Japanese music. One special (Borderline Extra 049) was a split about Melt Banana and Acid Mothers Temple witch are great Gong and Hawkwind fans.



The Model


Chewing Hides The Sound (Ralph / Celluloid 1979)


A double-special (Borderline Extra 040) about the great Residents-comrate-in-arms Philip Lithman, who unfortunately died in 1987 during a tour in Vienna. We all miss him.





XCIII (SST 1987)


What is with this label? Is it still existing? Do you now something? Please mail me: . What a pleasure have given this Lawndale-label to us in the 1980´s. This is from Borderline Extra 003.





Wantom Phenomena (Mille Plateaux 1999)


From the triple-special about Frankfurt based label Mille Plataeux (Borderline Extra 059).


French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson

Bird In Gods Garden / Lost And Found


Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Rhino 1987)


We have maked a triple-special about Freth Frith and a double-special about Henry Kaiser. This song we have played in two transmissions (Borderline Extra 022 and 036).





Don´t Stay To Long (Kranky 1998)


From Borderline Extra 024, one part of the double-special about Chicago based Label Kranky.


Der Plan

Commerce Extérieur Mondial Sentimentale


Geri Reig (Ata Tak 1980)


Piece from the wonderful first LP of the Düsseldorf group. In the double special about their label Ata Tak we have played this track (Borderline Extra 009).


Alternative TV

Splitting In Two


The Image Has Cracked (Deptford Fun City 1978)


The London musicmagazine The Wire have written about Mark Perry and Alternative TV in their new year issue 2000. This was a stimulation for Dirk to make a triple-special about his all-time favourite punkband (Borderline Extra 66)





Sport (Finlayson 1995)


This Kreidler track we have played in two extras. Borderline Extra 018 was about the Cologne based label Finlayson. Borderline Extra 069 was about To Rococo Rot and Tarwater.


Ulan Bator

Santa Lucia


Ego:Echo (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L´Acier 2000)


From the special about the French group we have diffused last September (Borderline Extra 077).



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