Borderline Extra 2 vom 30/01/1998

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Ralph Records


Interpret                                                   Titel

Album (Label bzw. Jahr)





Half Mute (1980)


Incubus (Blue Suit)


Desire (1981)

the Residents

Swastikas on parade (excerpt)


Third ReichīnīRoll (1975)

the Residents

Beyond the valley of a day in the life


Sgl (1977)


Kill the great raven


Chewing Hides The Sound (1979)


Trashing all the loves of history


Greener Postures (1980)

Club Foot Orchestra

Take it to Mars


Kidnapped (1987)

Club Foot Orchestra

Hip Hopi


Wild Beasts (1986)

Art Bears

The summer wheel


Winter Songs (1979)

Fred Frith

Norrgarden Nyvla


Gravity (1980)

Fred Frith

Same old me


Cheap at half the price (1983)

MX-80 Sound

Obsessive Devotion


Crowd Control (1981)

MX-80 Sound

Follow that car


Out of the tunnel (1980)

Snakefingerīs Vestal Virgins

Thereīs no justice in life


Night of desirable objects (1986)

Renaldo & the Loaf

Tedīs Reverie


Songs for Swinging Larvae (1981)

the Residents

Confused (By what I felt inside)


God in three persons (1988)





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