Peter Tessmer


Mehr Schφnes aus 2002 / more fine records out of 2002:


Spookey Ruben – Bed

Mum – Finally We΄re No One

Jim O΄Rourke – Insignification

Cinematic Orchestra – Every Day

Hanged Up – Kicker In Toe

Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood

Alfie – A Word In Your Ear

The Vines – Highly Evolved

Rumah Sakit – Obscured By Clowns

Schneider TM – Zoomer

Avril – That Horse Must Be Starving

Wechsel Garland – Liberation Von History

Sonic Youth – Murray Street

Carrera – Carrera

Isan – Lucky Cat

The Mercury Program – A Data Learn The Language

David Bowie – Heathen

Kid Loco – Kill Your Darlings

Tocotronic – Tocotronic

Sigur Ros – ()



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