Friedrich Klemm


Mehr Schönes aus 2006 / more fine records out of 2006:


31.the stranglers:suite 16-summat out……..

32.mogwai: mr.beast- team handed

33.and you will…:so divided – gold heart mountain…

34.dub trio:new heavy – illegal dub

35.clap your hands…: same-is this home…..

36.yo la tengo : i am not afraid……-mahila

37.broken family band :welcome home,loser-honest man blues

38.kosmonautentraum.ungehörtes unerhörtes-die wiege …

39.spank rock:yoyoyoyoyoyo-touch me
40.arctic monkeys:whatever people say…-I bet you…….

41.napalm death:smear campaign-rapid wolves

42.Belle&Sebastian:the life pursuit-to be myself…..

43.Schwabinggrad Ballet:same-trauma troopers present:in search for paradise- snap……

45.marcus kienzle:product-batterie

46.die sterne : räuber&gedärm-räuber&gedärm

47.the streets:hardest way to...-never went to church

48.hugh cornwell:beyond the elysian fields-under her spell

49.erase errata:nightlife-beacon

50.dirty petty things:wazerloo…  -deadwood

51.12twelfe:l’univers – autubahnpolizei

52.lemonheads:same – no backbone

53.Field music:same – luck is a final thing allen:alright still- everything is  just wonderful

55.nazis from mars:space pebbles-night of the phantoms

56.jackie o motherfucker:same-hey mr. sky

57.many fingers :out worn shadow-a remark

58.flaming lips:war mystics-goin’ on & country:up above-cloud seeding

60.built to spill:you in reverse-Saturday

61.mando diao : ode to ochrasy –this is the modern

62.bonnie prince billy:the letting go-love comes to me

63.ween:live in chicago – piano man

64.eagles of deathmetal:death by sexy-I wantyou so hard

65.national trust:kings & queens – elevator

66.motorpsycho:black hole,blackcanvas-no evil

67.tarantula a.d. :same-river pond

68.kode 9…:memories get the future-kingstown

69.futureheads:news&tributes-return of the best

70.loose fur:born again in the usa –the ruling class

71.dixie chicks : take the long way round-dto.

72.Tortoise&Bonnie…:the brave&the bold-daniel

73.storsveitnixnoltes:orkideur hawai-isinova oro

74.dabrye:2/3 – machines part 1

75.electric president : same – hum

76.pan american:waiting for chasing – dr.christian

77.bmx bandits: my chain –hopelessly devoted to you

78.adam green:jacket full of danger-the party line

79.sophia:technolgy won’t save us-where are you now


81.tussle:telescope mind - second guessing

82.colour haze:tempel – mind

83.sportfreunde stiller:you have to win…-54-74-90-2006 chip:the warning – boy from school

85.quentic:an announcement – bomb in a trompet

86.daniel johnston:lost&found-country song

87.enslaved:heir to the cosmic seed – ruun

88.nebula:orbit – apollo

89.scissor sisters:ta-dah – I feel like dancing

90.goodnight monsters:the brain that…-girls

91.shout out louds:howl howl gaff gaff – comeback

92.whitest boy alive:the dreams…-above you

93.fat freddys drop:ray bay – based on

94.0vo:mysteria – fols unite

95.caribou:the milkmanof human kindness-bees

96.the organ:grab that gun – brother

97.burial:same – prayer

98.sufjan stevens:come on feel …..-john wayne

99.jan delay:mercedes dance – mercedes dance

100.cloudland canyon:reqiem der natur….-clearlight intry



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