Friedrich Klemm


Mehr Schönes aus 2004 / more fine records out of 2004:


Vive la fete:nuit blanche

avril : members only

talking heads : best of.. 

The datsuns : outta sight , outta mind

the future heads : same

interpol : antics

kings of convienience : riot on an empty street

jerry gaskill : come somewhere

mono : walking cloud & deep

euroboys : soft focus

ben folds . 3 E.P ‘s   -

masfel : swine

tarentel : we move through weather

ween : live in chicago     -

motorhead : inferno

the fall : the real new Fall LP

the libertines : same

electric wizard : we live

sufjan stevens : 7 swans

the stranglers : norfolk coast  -

snow patrol : final straw

picturecenter : our true intent…

clinic :winchester cathedral

the black dahlia murder : elder misantrophy

sharron krauss :songs of love & loss

elliott smith : a basement from the hill

the secret machines : now here is nowhere

ocean colour scene : one for the road

medelski , martin & wood : end of the world

david garland :on the other side…

kings of leon : aha shake heartbreak

air : walkie talkie

fountains of wayne : welcome interstate managers

ghost : hypnotic underworld

white magic  :through the sun E. P.

scissor sisters : same

the cure: same   -

william shatner :has been

mountain men anonymous : krknose

the dears : no cities left

the hives : tyrannosaurus hives

guided by voices : half smiles….

maria solheim : frail

low : a lifetime….

super fury animals : songbook

majorie fair : self help serenade

tortoise : it’s all around you

the unicorns : who will cut our hair….

the soundtrack of our lives  : origin vol.1

giardini di miro : hits for broken hearts

stars in battledress : secrets &signals

the vines : winning days

broken social scene : beehives

trans am : liberation

fsk : take then shake

beta band : heroes to zeroes

overkill river : down the rivers

knarf rellöm : einbildung ist auch ‘ne bildung

a.c.newmann : the slow wonder

sophia : people are like seasons

bobby conn : the homeland

death in vegas : satans circus

sportfreunde stiller : burli

ben kweller .on my way

beluah : yoko

morrissey : you are the quarry

sonic youth : sonic nurse

the innocence mission : now the day

von spar :die uneingeschränkte freiheit .......

the polyphonic sprees : together we are heavy   und und und………..



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