Borderline Extra 947 vom 08/07/2022

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Bruce Anderson





Album (Label)



MX-80 Sound

Blue Skies


So Funny (Feeding Tube 2016)

MX-80 Sound

Train To Loveland


Big Hits (Bar-B-Q 1976)

MX-80 Sound

Man On The Move


Hard Attack (Virgin 1977)

MX-80 Sound

Frankie I’m Soory


Out Of The Tunnel (Ralph 1980)

MX-80 Sound

Why Are We Here


Crowd Control (Ralph 1981)


The Greatest Story Ever Told (Work Is Hard)


The Greatest Story Ever Told (Gulcher 2005)

Half Life

Coming Home


Half Life (Quadruped 1985)


3 Faces Of Eve


Western Classics (Family Vineyard 2004)

Bruce Anderson

Oakland: Beauty


Brutality (Atavistic 1995)

Henry Kaiser

California Dreamin’


Hope You Like Our New Direction (Reckless 1991)

MX-80 Sound

Who Is The Man?


I’ve Seen Enough (Atavistic 1995)

MX-80 Sound

Lights Out


We’re An American Band (Family Vineyard 2005)

MX-80 Sound

Hougher House (excerpt)


Hougher House (Psychofon 2021)



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