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Recommended Records, Part 6



Gespielter Titel


Album (Label)



Chris Cutler, Bob Drake, Pierre Omer & Lukas Simons



Vril – The Fatal Duckpond (ReR Megacorp 2009)

Nadia Ratsimandresy & Matteo Ramon Arevalos

Louange À L’Immortalité De Jesus


Messiaen Et Autour De Messiaen For Cende Martenot And Piano (ReR Megacorp 2009)

The Necks



Silverwater (ReR Megacorp 2009)

Pere Ubu

Waiting For Mary


London Texas (ReR Megacorp 2010)

Fred Frith

Osaka III


Live In Japan (Fred / ReR Megacorp 2010)

Paolo Angeli, Nanni Angeli

Ferri In Transizione


Tibi (ReR Megacorp 2010)

The Necks

Daylights (excerpt)


Mindset (ReR Megacorp 2011)

Peter Cusack

Chernobyl, Ukraine (Tracks 3 + 1)


Sounds From Dangerous Places (ReR Megacorp 2012)

The Necks



Open (ReR Megacorp 2013)

The Necks



Vertigo (ReR Megacorp 2015)

Bob Downes

Imminent Danger


Open Music / It’s A Mystery (ReR Megacorp 2017)

Fausto Razzi

Musica Per Pianoforte


Per Piano (ReR Megacorp 2017)

Peter Blegvad

King Of Straw


Go Figure (ReR Megacorp 2017)


Ancienne Automate Mexicain


Traité De Mécanique Populaire (ReR Megacorp 2017)

Giorgos Varoutas



Chronostasis (ReR Megacorp 2018)

Allen Ravenstine

If Only There Was More Time


Waiting For The Bomb (ReR Megacorp 2018)

The Necks



Body (ReR Megacorp 2018)

Vistor Rua & the Metaphysical Angels

Insanely Great 12 Bgars Blues


When Better Isn’t Quite Good Enough (ReR Megacorp 2018)


ReR Megacorp:



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