Borderline Extra 777 vom 07/09/2018

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Discus, Part 6



Gespielter Titel


Album (Label)




The Jewelled Crown


In With The Out Crowd (Discus 2018)


The Mountains, The Sea / The Island


The Two Fridas (Discus 2018)

Martin Archer + Engine Room Favourites

Happy Birthday! Mr. President


Safety Signal From A Target Town (Discus 2018)

Eclectic Maybe Band

Seconde Permission Secrète


The Blind Watchers’ Mysterious Landscapes (Discus 2018)

Chris Meloche / Martin Archer / Gino Robait / Lyn Hodnett

Part 2


Sincerity Of Light (Discus 2018)

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere

Essential Light


04 (Discus 2018)



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