Borderline Extra 762 vom 06/04/2018

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Drag City, Part 5




Gespielter Titel


Album (Label)



Scout Niblett



It’s Up To Emma (Drag City 2013)


Addis Ababa


Advaitic Dubplate (10”) (Drag City 2013)

David Grubbs

I Started To Live When My Barber Died


The Plain Where The Palace Stood (Drag City 2013)

Sic Alps

She’s On Top


She’s On Top (12”) (Drag City 2013)


Garden Of Gethsemane


Gethsemane Dubplate (10”) (Drag City 2013)

Al Cisneros

Ark Procession


Ark Procession (10”) (Drag City 2013)

Bitchin Bajas



Bitchitronics (Drag City 2013)

Mike Donovan

New Fieldhand Bop


Wet (Drag City 2013)

Father Yod and the Spirit of ‘76

(Side 2)


Kohoutek (Higher Key 1973 / Drag City 2014)

Father Yod and the Spirit of ‘76

Expansion One More Day


The Source Family (Soundtrack) (Drag City 2013)

The George-Edwards Group

The Children Sing


Chapter III (Drag City 2014)

Frederick Michael St Jude

One More Day


Here Am I (Soul Deep 1977 / Drag City 2013)


North Street


III (Drag City 2014)

Carol Kleyn

Return Of The Silkie


Return Of The Silkie (Turtle Dove 1983 / Drag City 2013)

Venom P. Stinger

26 mg


1986-1991 (Drag City 2013)

Bitchin Bajas

Asian Carp


Bitchin Bajas (Drag City 2014)

Matthew Young



Recurring Dreams (Drag City 2013)

Purling Hiss

Sundance Saloon Boogie


Weirdon (Drag City 2014)


Generator Larping


Ganglion Reef (God? / Drag City 2013)

Laetitia Sadier



Something Shines (Drag City 2014)



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