Borderline Extra 748 vom 24/11/2017

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Discus, Part 5




Gespielter Titel


Album (Label)



Martin Archer & Bo Meson

Part 3


Echoic Enchentment (Discus 2015)


Meson’s Unauthoriced Áutobiography


5c4l3 (Discus 2016)

The Keith Tippett Octet

The Dance Of The Return Of The Swallows


The Nine Dances Of Patrick O’Gonogan (Discus 2016)

Martin Archer

Like It Is


Story Tellers (Discus 2016)

Trevor Watts and Stephen Grew Duo

Sea Evidence


All There Is (Discus 2017)

Orfeo 5

In A Flower’s Radiance, Part 1


In The Green Castle (Discus 2017)

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere

The Price Of Revdealing


T3 (Discus 2017)

Deep Tide Quartet

Song For Gato Barbieri


See One Do One Teach One (Discus 2017)

Deep Tide Quartet

Be One


See One Do One Teach One (Discus 2017)



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