Borderline Extra 718 vom 17/02/2017

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Rock Against Racism, Part 3



Gespielter Titel


Album (Label)



Bob Marley and the Wailers

Punky Reggae Party


Punky Reggae Party (12) (Island 1977)

The Mekons

Trinden Grange Explosion


Various Rock Against Racism Greatest Hits (Virgin 1980)

Stiff Little Fingers

Alternative Ulster


Inflammable Material (Rough Trade 1979)

The Ruts

Jah War


The Crack (Virgin 1979)

Gang Of Four

At Home Hes A Tourist


Entertainment (EMI 1979)

Barry Ford Band



Various Rock Against Racism Greatest Hits (Virgin 1980)

The Only Ones

Another Girl, Another Planet


The Only Ones (CBS 1978)




Specials (Chrysalis 1979)

Au Pairs

ItS Obvious


Playing With A Different Sex (Human 1981)

Tom Robinson Band

(Sing If Youre) Glad To Be Gay


Rising Free EP (EMI 1978)

Delta 5

Mind Your Own Business


Mind Your Own Business (7) (Rough Trade 1979)




Daniel Rachel: Walls Come Tumbling Down The Music And Politics Of Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone And Red Wedge (Picador 2016)

Roger Huddle & Red Saunders Reminiscences Of RAR Rock Against Racism (1976-1982) (Redwords 2016)

Syd Shelton Rock Against Racism (Autograph 2015)



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