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Drag City, Teil 2



Gespielter Titel


Album (Label)



King Kong

Kingdom Of Kong


Kingdom Of Kong (Drag City 1997)

Scott Walker



Tilt (Drag City 1997)

Edith Frost

Calling Over Time


Calling Over Time (Drag City 1997)

Loren Mazzacane-Connors / Alan Licht

Wisdom Day


Hoffman Estates (Drag City 1998)

David Grubbs

Fool Summers Train


The Thicket (Drag City 1998)

Jim O’Rourke

Something Big


Eureka (Drag City 1999)

Jim O’Rourke

The Workplace


Halfway To A Treeway (12”) (Drag City 1999)

Aerial M

Wedding Song (Tied + Tickled Trio Remix)


Post Global Music (Drag City 1999)




Knock Knock (Drag City 1999)

Stephen Prina

The Devil, Probably


Push Comes To Love (Drag City 1999)

The Red Krayola

Track 6


Blues, Hollers And Hellos (Drag City 2000)

Tied + Tickled Trio

Van Brunt


EA1 EA2 (Drag City 2000)

US Maple

Me Digital


Acre Thrills (Drag City 2001)

Jim O’Rourke

Therefore, I Am


Insignificance (Drag City 2001)

King Kong

Deep Blue Sky


The Big Bang (Drag City 2002)

Cynthia Dall

Snakeblood & Vodka


Sound Restores Young Men (Drag City 2002)

Mick Turner

Part 18


Moth (Drag City 2002)

The Suntanama

And So The Story Goes


The Suntanama (Drag City 2002)

Will Oldham / David Pajo



Slitch (OST) (Drag City 2003)


Sound Of S.F.


Underfed (Drag City 2004)

Joanna Newsom

The Milk Eyed Mender


Sprout And The Bean (Drag City 2004)




Speed To Roam (Drag City 2005)

The Red Krayola

Still De Grain Brm (Radio Edit)


Singles (Drag City 2004)



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