Borderline Extra 466 vom 20/06/2008

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Another Timbre





Album (Label)



John Butcher / Xavier Charles / Axel Dörner (The Contest Of Pleasures)




Tempestuous (Another Timbre)

Sophie Angel / Phil Minton



Tasting (Another Timbre)

Frank Denyer

On, On – It Must Be So


Music For Shakuhachi (Another Timbre)

Rhodri Davies / Matt Davis / Samantha Rebello / Bechir Saade



Hum (Another Timbre)

Anghaard Davies / Tisha Muskarji

Endspace i


Endspace (Another Timbre)

Max Eastley / Graham Halliwell / Evan Parker / Mark Wastell

A Carp Gives A Lesson In Perseverance


A Life Saved By A Spider And Two Doves (Another Timbre)

Frédéric Blondy / Thomas Lehn

Obdo, Part 1


Obdo (Another Timbre)

Clive Bell / Bechir Saade

Cloud Trapeze


An Account Of My Hut (Another Timbre)



Special ANOTHER TIMBRE offer for Borderline listeners:


Special discount: 6 Pounds per disc plus postage (opposed to normally 8 pounds per postage).

For more information please write  to (please quote ‘Borderline offer’).



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