Borderline Extra 78 vom 08/09/2000

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


für Anja


Sonic Youth, Teil 1





Album (Label)


Sonic Youth

The Burning Spear


Sonic Youth (SST 1982)

Sonic Youth

The World Looks Red


Confusion Is Sex (SST 1983)

Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch

Death Valley 69


Single (My So-Called 1984)

Sonic Youth



Bad Moon Rising (SST 1985)

Sonic Youth

The Velvet Plug (1986)


Made In USA (Rhino 1995)

Sonic Youth



Evol (SST, Blast First 1986)

Ciccone Youth

Into The Groovey


The Whitey Album (Geffen 1988)

Sonic Youth

(I Got A) Catholic Block


Sister (SST, Blast First 1987)

Sonic Youth

Kissability-Trilogy: a. The Wonder


Daydream Nation (Blast First 1988)

Sonic Youth



Goo (Geffen 1990)

Sonic Youth

Ca Plane Pour Moi


VA - Freedom Of Choice (City Slang 1992)

Sonic Youth

Youth Against Fascism


Dirty (Geffen 1992)

Sonic Youth

Sugar Kane


Sugar Kane (Geffen 1993)


Sonic Youth – Homepage:


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