Borderline Extra 72 vom 14/07/2000

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Uwe Liese


The Mystery Of Planet Gong, Part 1





Album (Label)


Daevid Allen

Radio Gnome Concert Intro Loop (ca. 1970/71)


Death Of Rock (Voiceprint 1992)

Soft Machine

Love Makes Sweet Music (erste Single 1967)


Triple Echo (Harvest)

Soft Machine

I Should´ve Known (1967)


Jet Propelled Photograph (Charly 1989)

Daevid Allen Trio

Dear Olde Benny Green Is A-tuning In His Grave (1963)


Daevid Allen Trio Live 1963 (Voiceprint 1993)

Banana Moon Band

My Mother´s Gone To India / Hare Krishna / …


D. Allen – Je Ne Fum´pas Des Bananes (Charly)


Riot (1968)


The History And The Mystery Of The Planet Gong (Demi-Monde)

Daevid Allen / Francoise Bayle

La Belle Célébrale (1968)


Je Ne Fum´pas Des Bananes (Charly)


Chainstore Chant + Pretty Miss Titty


Magic Brother Mystic Sister (Charly 1969)


Café Montelieu Demos (1970)


Camembert Eclectique (GAS)


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