Borderline Extra 43 vom 30/07/1999

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk  und Uwe Liese


Gastr del Sol, Teil 1


Interpret                                                   Titel

Album (Label)


Gastr del Sol

Each Dream Is An Example


Camoufleur (Domino / Drag City 1998)


Tallow Waters


Bastro Diablo Guapo (Homestead 1989)

Gastr del Sol

Is That A Rifle When It Rains?


Crockt, Crackt, Or Fly (Drag City 1994)

David Grubbs

The Thicket


The Thicket (Drag City 1998)

Jim O´Rourke

Ghost Ship In A Storm


Eureka (Domino 1999)

The Red Krayola

Words, Worms, Thirst


same (Drag City 1994)

The Red Krayola

Duke Of Newcastle


Hazel (Drag City 1996)

Sonic Youth / Jim O´Rourke

Hungara Vivo


Invito Al Cielo (SYR 1997)

Bobby Conn

United Nations


Rise Up! (Thrill Jockey 1998)


NAMM Weekend Pass Mix Endless Summer


Reprovisers (Mille Plateaux 1997)

Stephen Prina

The Devil, Probably


Push Comes To Love (Drag City 1999)

Gastr del Sol

The Relay


Upgrade & Afterlife (Drag City 1996)



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