Borderline Extra 20 vom 08/10/1998

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Fred Frith, Teil 1


Interpret                                                   Titel

Album (Label)


Henry Cow

Nirvana for mice


Legend (Virgin 1973, East Side Deigital)

Fred Frith

Heat c/w Moment


Guitar Solos 1 (Caroline 1974, RecRec 1991)

Robert Wyatt



Sgl: IŽm a believer

Henry Cow with Robert Wyatt

Bad Alchemy / Little red riding hood hits the road


Concerts (Compendium, LTM, Caroline 1976)

Brian Eno

Through hollow lands


Before and after science (Polydor 1977)

Art Bears

The summer wheel


Winter Songs (Recommended, Ralph 1979)

Aqsak Maboul

I viaggi formano la groventa (truc turc)


un peu de lŽame des bandits (Kamikaze, Crammed Discs 1979)

Fred Frith

Norrgarden Nyvla


Gravity (Ralph 1980, RecRec)

the Residents

Picnic Boy


Commercial Album (Ralph 1980)

Fred Frith

A spit in the ocean


Speechless (Ralph 1981, RecRec)


Memory Serves


Memory Serves (Celluloid 1981)




Killing Time (Celluloid 1982, RecRec)

Frith & Kaiser

the trace


Who needs enemies? (Metalanguage 1983, SST 1987)

Fred Frith

Same old me


Cheap at half the price (Ralph 1983, RecRec)

the Golden Palominos

ID (Auszug)


same (Celluloid 1983)



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