Borderline Extra 19 vom 25/09/1998

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Joe Baiza


Interpret                                                   Titel

Album (Label)


the Universal Congress Of

Small World


Sparkling Fresh (Hazelwood, 1997)

Saccharine Trust

A Human Certainty


Mini-LP: Pacon Icons (SST, 1981)

Saccharine Trust

We became Snakes


Past Live´s (SST 1989)

the Universal Congress Of

Certain Way (Continued)


same (SST, 1987)

the Universal Congress Of

Spreadin´ the Malice


Prosperous and Qualified (SST, 1988)

October Faction



The Second Factionalization (SST, 1986)

Mike Watt

Drove Up From Pedro


Ball-Hog Or Tugboat?, (Columbia, 1995)

the Mecolodiacs

Exclamations Of An Angry Urban Thumb


Glamm Jazz (Hazelwood, 1998)

the Mecolodiacs

Livin´Down Below


same (Enemy, 1994)



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