Dirk Liese


Mehr Schönes aus 2004/ more fine records out of 2004


Olga Neuwirth – Bählamms Fest (Kairos)

Sightings - Arrived In Gold (Load)

Alvin Curran - Losta Marbles (Tzadik)

Harold Budd - Avalon Sutra / As Long As I Can Hold My Breath (Samadhi Sound)

Various Artists – Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk And Pop Music Vol. 1 (Sublime Frequencies)

Cul de Sac / Damo Suzuki – Abbayamudra (Strange Attractors Audio House)

Stereolab – Margarine Eclipse (Duophonic UHF)

International Airport – Reunion Of Island Goose (Geographic)

Anthony Braxton Quartet – 23 Standards (Quartet) 2003 (Leo)

Henry Flynt & the Insurrections – I Don´t Wanna (Locust)

Deerhof - Milk Man (Kill Rock Stars)

Various Artists – Spire (Touch)

Soft Pink Truth – Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth ? (Soundslike)

Niobe - Voodooluba (Sonig)

Arthur Russell – Calling Out Of Control (Audika)

Radian - Juxtaposition (Thrill Jockey)

Tom Recchion - I Love My Organ (Birdman)

Steve Harris ZAUM - Above Our Heads The Sky Splits Open (Slam)

Basil Kirchin – Ccharcoal Sketches. Staetes Of Mind (Trunk)

Gustav - Rettet die Wale (Mosz)

Joshua Burkett – Life Less Lost (Spirit Of Orr)

Michael Jon Fink – A Temperament For Angels (Cold Blue Music)

Mats Gustafsson / Sonic Youth with Friends – Hidros 3 (Smalltown Supersound)

Lee Ranaldo- Music For Stage And Screen (les Disques du Soleil et de l´Acier)

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dreams Of Electric Tapirs (Space Age)

Kaffe Matthews / Mandy McIntosh / Zeena Parkins – Weightless Animals (Annette Works)

Black Ox Orkestar - Ver Tanzt? (Constellation)

Jim O´Rourke - Two Organs (Three Poplars)

Mike Cooper - Rayon Hula (Hipshot)

Peter Szely - Welcome To My World (Mosz)

Martin Siewert - No Need To Be Lonesome (Mosz)

Autistic Daughters - Jealousy and Diamond (Kranky)

Mongezi Feza - Free Jam (Ayler)

Alex von Schlippenbach – Broomriding (Psi)

The Eternals - Out Of Proportion (Antifaz)

The Eternals - Rawar Style (Aesthetics)

Jens Lekman -  When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog (Secretly Canadian)

Gail Brand & Morgan Guberman – Ballgames And Crazy (Emanem)

Various Artists – Freedom Of The City 2003 (Emanem)

Workshop - Yog Sothoth (Sonig)

Sagan - Unseen Forces (Vague Terrain)

Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides – Red V Green (Unsounds)

Charlotte Hug & Chantale Laplante – Brilliant Days (For 4 Ears)

Various Artists - 267 Purkkia Liimaa (267 Lattajjaa)

99 Hooker - Generica (Pax)

Etiene Brunet – Tips (Saravah)

Stars In Battledress – Secrets And Signals (House Of Stairs)

To Live And Shave In L.A. - God And Country Rally! (Smack Shire)

After That It´s All Gravy - Band On The Run (Smack Shire)

Doctor Mix ant the Remix - Wall Of Noise (Acute)

Cyann & Ben – Happy Like An Autumn Tree (Locust)

Margareth Kammerer - To Be An Animal Of Real Flesh (Charhizma)

Dielectric Minimalist All-Stars - {i!] (Dielectric)

Nancy Sinatra – Nancy Sinatra (Sanctuary)

Groundtruther – Latitude (Thirsty Ear)



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