Dirk Liese


Mehr Schönes aus 2003 / more fine records out of 2003:


Diamanda Galas - Defixiones Will And Testament (Mute)

Crawlspace - Law Where Prohibited By Void (Gulcher)

Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra  & Tra-La-La Band with Choir - This Is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing (Constellation)

John Fahey - Red Cross (Revenant)

Elliott Sharp - The Velocity Of Hue (Emanem)

Chris Watson - Weather Report (Touch)

Olaf Ton - same (Leo)

Robert Wyatt - Solar Flares Burn For You (Cuneiform)

Steffen Basho-Junghans - Rivers And Bridges (Strange Attractors Audio House)

the Magic Band - Back To The Front (ATP)

Him - Many In High Places Are Not Well (FatCat)

Pierre Barouh - Saudade (un Manque Habité) (Saravah)

the Broken Beats - The Weather Beats The Rhythm (Hazelwood)

Erik Friedlander - Maldoror (Brassland)

Six-Fing Thing - Self-Portrait As A Venerable Shrub (Dog Fingers)

Dean Roberts - Be Mine Tonight (Kranky)

Arca - Angles (DAS)

Alaisdair Roberts - Farewell Sorrow (Drag City / Rough Trade)

Tied & Tickled Trio - Observing Systems (Morr)

TRS-80 - Shake Hands With Danger (File 13)

Roxanne Turcotte - Libellune (Empreintes Digitales)

Alan Licht - A New York Minute (XI)

Evidence - Out Of Town (Deep Listening)

Thurston Moore / Wally Shoup / Paul Flaherty / Chris Corsano - Live At Tonic (Leo)

the Hafler Trio - Part the Second. No Man Put Asunder: 7 Fruitful And Seamless Unions (die Stadt)

Jah Wobble & Deep Space - Five Beat (30 Hertz)

Cul de Sac - The Strangler´s Wife (Strange Attractors Audio House)

AU - Recycling (Locust)

Tom Johnson - Organ And Silence (ants)

Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn (Constellation)

the Angels Of Light - Everything Is Good Here / Please Come Home (Young God)

Re:Cooperation - TransCollaboration (Uncle Buzz)

Stephen Millard - Black Window (Angry Vegan)

Bed - Spacebox (Ici d´Ailleurs)

Trapist: Brandlmayr / Siewert / Williamson - Highway My Friend (Hat Hut)

Ernesto Diaz-Infante - same (Pax)

Rachel´s - Systems / Layers (Quarterstick)

London Improvisers Orchestra - Freedom Of The City 2002 (Emanem)

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Dichotomy (Ozit Morpheus)

Clear Horizon - same (Kranky)

Man In Formaldehyde - Copper Sulphate Crystals (Pointy Bird)

Beth Anderson – Peachy Keen-O (Pogus Productions)

the Abstractions - Ars Vivende (Pax)

Phill Niblock - Touch Food (Touch)

John Schuller - Lesser Angel Of Failure (World Misery)

So - same (Thrill Jockey)

Loren Connors - The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II (Family Vineyard)

Joseph Suchy - Calabi, Yau (Staubgold)

Glen Branca - The Ascension (Acute)

Dorgon, Mr. vs. DJ$Shot - Dorgonix (Jumbo)

Antipop Consortium / Matthew Shipp - Antipop vs. Matthew Shipp (Thirsty Ear)

DJ Olive - Bodega (theAgriculture)



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