Dirk Liese


Mehr Schφnes aus 2002 / more fine records out of 2002:


Tery Riley – Atlantis Nath (Sri Moonshine Music)

William Parker Quartet – Raining On The Moon (Thirsty Ear)

Pramrod Sexena – Godspecial People (Jumbo)

O-Type – Lugubrious (Family Vineyard)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Yanqui U.X.O. (Constellation)

Various Artists – Can΄t Stop It (Chapter)

F.S. Blumm – Ankern (Staubgold)

SSSD – Home (Grob)

If, Bwana – I, Angelica (Pogus Productions)

Mike Adcock / Clive Bell – Sleep It Off (Emanem)

DJ Cheb I Sabbah – Krishna Lila (Six Degrees)

Pere Ubu – St. Arkansas (Glitterhouse)

Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine – Introducing The Neat Beat (Compulsive)

Close Erase – Dance This (bp)

The Cinematic Orchestra – Every Day (Ninja Tune)

Xinlisupreme – Tomorrow Never Comes (Fat Cat)

Ectogram – Tall Things Falling (Ankst)

Nagisa Ni Te – Feel (Jagjauwar)

Jozef Van Wissem – Narcissus Drawning (Persephone)

Harald Sack Ziegler – Kopf Zahl Bauch (Staubgold)

Joseph Suchy – Entskidoo (Entenpfuhl)

The Eternals – Black Museum (Aesthetics)

Phil Niblock – YPGPN (XI)

Philip Jeck – Stoke (Touch)

Rev 99 – Everything Changed After 7-11 (Pax Recordings)

The Magic Carpathians Project – Ethnocore 3:VAK (Fly)

Keith Rowe & Oren Ambarchi – Flypaper (Staubgold)

Anton Nikkilδ – White Nights (N&B Research Digest)

Metamorphosis – Dip (Leo)

Aufgehoben No Process vs. Gary Smith – Magnetic Mountain (Junior Meat)

Cul de Sac – Immortality Lessons (Strange Attractors)



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