Borderline 615 vom 18/09/2009

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese






Album (Label)



Nora Guthrie

Emily’s Illness


Emily’s Illness (7“) (EM)

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band

Waiting For The D Train


Between My Head And The Sky (Chimera)

Eric Copeland


Alien In A Garbage Dump (Paw Tracks)

Flaming Tunes

Another Flaming Tune


Flaming Tunes (Life And Living / ReR Megacorp)

Cluster & Eno
Ho Renomo


Cluster & Eno (Bureau B)

Eno Moebius Roedelius

Tzima N’Arki


After The Heat (Bureau B)

Chris Cutler / Bob Drake / Pierre Omer & Lukas Simonis

Enter Pabstus Tack


VriL – The Fatal Duckpond (ReR Megacorp)

Larry Polansky

(B’rey’sheet) (In The Beginning ...) (Constellation Study #1)


The Theory Of Impossible Melody (New World)

Eternal Tapestry

Brain Drain


The Invisible Landscape (Not Not Fun)

Kevin Blechdom
Tell Me Where It Hurts


Gentlemania (Sonig)


Solo Electric Bass 1.04


Solo Electric Bass 1 (Warp)

Bernd Begemann & die Befreiung
Zurück an den wundervollen Ort


Ich erkläre diese Krise für beendet (Tapete)

Louis Moholo-Moholo

The Tag


Unit (Ogun)

Horace Tapscott

Sandy And Niles


The Dark Tree (Hat Hut)

John Coltrane



Last Performance At Newport July 2, 1966 (Free Factory)

Walt Dickerson

Tell Us Only The Beautiful Things


Tell Us Only The Beautiful Things (Why Not / Candid)

Noaki Miyamoto



Me No Tawamure (Hitorri)




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