Borderline 605 vom 23/07/2009

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese






Album (Label)



Julie Tippetts & Marrtin Archer

The Bear That Walks At Night


Ghosts Of Gold (Discus)

Harrapian Night Recordings

Siyah Hashye


The Glorious Gongs Of Hainuwele (Bo’Weavil)

Guido Möbius
Dig A Mammoth


Gebirge (Karaoke Kalk)

Wicked Witch

Electric War


Chaos 1978-66 (EM)

Tim Friese-Greene
Track 06


10 Sketches For Piano Trio (LTM)

Laurie Scott Baker

Goldsmiths (Driving)


Gracility (Music Now)

Sunburned Hand Of The Man

Rage Is Mineral And Relentless


A Grand Tour Of Tunisia (Three Lobed)

Harrapian Night Recordings

Headless Mule


The Glorious Gongs Of Hainuwele (Bo’Weavil)


Mescalito / And Then You Realize You Haven’t Left Yet


Fear Draws Misfortune (Cuneiform)
Arthur Woodbury


Various – Source – Music Of The Avant Garde (Pogus)

Martin Schulte

Big City Street


Depth Of Soul (Lantern)

Dinosaur Jr.

Imagination Blind


Farm (PIAS)




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