Borderline 594 vom 30/04/2009

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese






Album (Label)



Blechdom / Chadbourne

Dance Chicken Corina Blackberry Medley


The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience (Victo)

Hair Stylistics

The Band, And The Music


Monthly Hair Stylistics Vol. 1: Pop Battakuri (Boid)

Ekkehard Ehlers / Paul Wirkus
Part 7


Ballads (Staubgold)

Jim Oí Rourke

Letís Take It Again From The Top


Iím Happy, And I#M Singing, And A 1,2,3,4 (Mego)

MIchael Snow / Alan Licht / Aki Onda
Part 2


Five A's, Two C's, ..., One W (Victo)

Nana April Jun

The One Substance


The Ontology Of Noise (Touch)

John Luther Adams

The Place We Began


The Place We Began (Cold Blue Music)

Keith Tippett Septet

Dedicated To Mingus


A Loose Kite In A Gentle Wind Floating With Only My Will For An Anchor (Ogun)



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