Borderline 527(b) vom 19/10/2007

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese und Markus Eckard





Album (Label)



Feu Thérèse

Visage Sous Nylon


Ca Va Cogner (Constellation)

Vic Chesnutt



North Star Deserter (Constellation)

Andreas Ammer / FM Einheit / Ulrike Haage

Space I / Talkshow Tau Ceti / T Minus 20 ‘til Genesis


Odysseus 7 – Radio Space Opera (Invisible)

Einstürzende Neubauten

Nagorny Karabach


Alles wieder offen (Potomak)

John Waterman

A Vague Demonstration Of Trembling


Calcutta Gas Chamber (Die Stadt)

Philipp Glass

Das Begräbnis Amenophis


Akhnaten (Sony)

Charley Patton

High Water Everywhere – Part 1


Various: Doom & Gloom – Early Songs Of Angst And Disaster (Trikont)

Karl & Hardy

When The Atom Bomb Fell


Various: Doom & Gloom – Early Songs Of Angst And Disaster (Trikont)

John Murphy

Soundtrack for ‘Lines Of Least Resistance’


Chaos (Dark Vinyl)


Amen II


Amen (Die Stadt)

Current 93

Maldoror Rising


Nature Unveiled (Durtro)

Ovary Lodge

A Man Carying A Drop Of Water On A Leaf Through A Thunderstorm


Ovary Lodge (Ogun)

Kevin Ayers and the Whole World

Did It Again


Hyde Park Free Concert 1970 (Reel)



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