Borderline 419 vom 08/09/2005

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese





Album (Label)



Andreou Costas

Crossing Borders


Promo CD (Andreou Costas)

Track 3


Eruption (Qbico)

Sunburned Hand Of The Man

Salmon Sez


Wedlock (Eclipse)

The Fugs

I Command The House Of The Devil


Virgin Fugs (ESP-Disk)

Pearls Before Swine

I Saw The World


The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings (ESP-Disk)

Pearls Before Swine

Morning Song


The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings (ESP-Disk)

Charlie Schmidt

Salem Journeys


Xanthe Terra (Strange Attractors)

Steve Reich and Musicians

Six Pianos


Live 1977 (From The Kitchen Archives No. 2) (Orange Mountain)

Iva Bittová / Bang On A Can



Elida (Cantaloupe Music)

The Ex

Gonna Rob The Spermbank


Singles Period. (The Vinyl Years 1980-1990) (Ex)

Soft Bounds

Le Retour d´Emanuel


Soft Bounds (Le Triton)

Permutative Distortion

Neue Naivität


Various Artists – Wahrnehmungen 1980-1981 (Vinyl-On-Demand 2005)


At The Crossroad


Kayip (Sonic360)

Mr. Dorgon

Smell The Glove


Smell The Glove (Jumbo)

Hannas Barber

Piano 4ok


Don´t Buy The Sun (Instant Action Object)


Wergle The Proud


Ease Up (Planet Mu)

John Stevens Quartet

Dudu´s Gone


New Cool (Emanem)


Tret Rust´ 87


Double Platypus Kill Kill (Duckjuggler)

Fabrice Eglin & Jérome Noetinger



Psychotic Reactions & Lightnin´Rag (A Bruit Secret)

Kid 606

Banana Peel


Various Artists: Microsolutions To Megaproblems *1 (Soul Jazz)


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