Borderline 411 vom 14/07/2005

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese





Album (Label)



Fatou Dust

Pleasant Peasant


Demo-CD (Fatou Dust)
Jamie Lidell

New Me


Multiply (Warp)

Pascal Plantinga

Departure From The Ordinary


Arctic Poppy (Ata Tak)

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabeté

Haira Dolo


In The Heart Of The Moon (World Circuit)

(Drukpa Order from Thimphu and Punakha)

Exhortation To The Guardian Goddess Of Long Life


Tibetan Buddhist Rites From The Monasteries Of Bhutan (Sub Rosa)


The Meat In The Street


Nodern (Sub Rosa)

Sugar Minott

Never Give Up


Sugar Minott At Studio One (Soul Jazz)


Not Even Water


Glasgow Sunday (Corwood Industries)

My Cat Is An Alien



When The Windmill´s Whirl Dies (Eclipse)

Yann Tiersen

Le Jour De L´Ouverture


Les Retrouvailles (Labels)

Yann Tiersen

A Secret Place


Les Retrouvailles (Labels)

Angel Corpus Christi

Tell It To Your Heart


Louie Louie (Gulcher)

Steffen Basho-Junghans



Unknown Music 1 (Sillyboy Records)

The White Mice

Limburger Baby



Sun Ra

The Shadow World


Nothing Is … (ESP-Disk)

Mike Cooper

Standard De Luxe – Git On Board


Metal Box (Rossbin)

Ellen Band / David Lee Myers

Valen Lagoon (Track 1)


Two Ships (Pogus)

Albert Ayler



Bells / Prophecy (ESP-Disk)


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