Borderline 407 vom 16/06/2005

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese





Album (Label)



Hanne Hukkelberg

Little Girl


Little Things (Leaf)
Fifths Of Seven

Rosa Centifolia


Spry From Bitter Anise Folds (Les Disques du Soleil et de l´Acier)




The Woods (Sub Pop)

Josephine Foster

Hazel Eyes. I Will Lead You


Hazel Eyes. I Will Lead You (Locust)

The Sunburned Hand Of The Man

The 1st Degree


No Magic Man (Bastet)

Kevin Blechdom



Eat My Heart Out (Chicks On Speed)

Family Underground

Track 1


Ancient Shadows (Qbico)

Rauhan Orkestri & Lauhkeat Lampaat

Pääskyjen Valinta


Sylissäin Ooot (Qbico)

Monosov Swirnoff

Track 1


Seven Recorded Works 1 (Eclipse)

Rick Cox

Fade (excerpt)


Fade (Cold Blue Music)

Koji Asano

No. 2


Takoyakikum (Solstice)

The Peppermints

A Hotel


Jesus Chryst (Paw Tracks)

The Pop Group

Beyond Good & Evil


Mark Stewart – Kiss The Future (Soul Jazz)

Ilse Lau

Eerlijk Is Heerlijk


De Tinnen Mannen (Fidel Bastro)


Track 4


Semuin / Anne Laplantine – Splitting Series #3 (Happy Zloty)


The Well


A River Ain´t Too Much To Love (Domino / Drag City)

David Behrman

Statement Against War


My Dear Siegfried (XI)

Mitchell Akiyama

But Promise Me


Small explosions That Are Yours To Keep (Sub Rosa)

Yoshiaki Kinno



The Unsaid (Bishop)


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