Borderline 179 vom 28/12/2000

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Friedrich Klemm



1.Tystion: Who's in charge with the airwaves (Ankst Records  2000)
2.Doris:Did you give some love (Classic Brasilian Records  1963)
3.David Gedge:Swimming pools&moviestars (RCA  2000)
4.Cinerama:Pacific (Cooking Vinyl  2000)
5.Blind Idiot God:More time (SST  1988)
6.Tystion:The HipHopworld against the walsh (Ankst Records  2000)
7.The Beatles:Something (Apple Records  1969)
8.Codeine:The Cave-in (Sub-Pop Records  1990)
9.Teenage Fanclub:I need direction (Columbia  2000)
10.Wizzard: BallPark Incident (EMI  1971)
11.The Pogues&Kirsty McColl:Fairytail of N.Y. (STIFF  1986)
12.Cat Power: Medley (City Slang  2000)
13.The Group: All the Herald angels sing (BBC  2000)
14.C O C:Congratulations song (Sanctuary Records  2000)
15.Schneider TM: Light 3000 (City Slang  2000)
16.Cat Power:Wonderwall (City Slang  2000)



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