Borderline 106 vom 05/08/1999

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Interpret                                   Titel

Album (Label)


Tram                                        Nothing Left To Say

Heavy Black Frame (Piao!)

Squarepusher                           Song: Our Underwater Torch

Presents Maximum Priest E.P. (Warp)

Tarwater feat. Tikiman               Miracle / Bridge

Like A Miracle EP (Soul Static Sound)

Charles Wilp                             Nanci for Soft-Ice

fotografiert Bunny (Ata Tak)

A Certain Frank                        I Will Never Leave You (Kreidler Remix)

Kreidler / Phoneheads - Remixe (Ata Tak)

Paul Schütze                            The Surface Of The Eye

Third Site (Rykodisc)

Nels Cline & Gregg Bendian       Lonnie´s Lament

Interstellar Space Revisited (Atavistic)

Toe 2000                                  Mono

same (Truckstop)

Sackville                                  Blue Lips

The Principles Of Science (Constellation)

Mouse On Mars                        Distroia

Distroia (Our Choice / Rough Trade)





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