Jahrescharts 1999


Georg Ackermann


1.         Hefner-The Fighdelity Wars

2.         Gorkys Zygotic Myncy-Spanish Dance Troupe

3.         Tram-Heavy Black Frame

4.         Flaming Lips-Soft Bulletin

5.         Red House Painters-Retrospective

6.         Girlfriendo-Suprise Suprise Suprise

7.         Scott 4-Works Project LP

8.         Flin Flon-Boo-Boo

9.         Travis-The Men Who

10.       Clinic-same

11.       Pavement-Terror Twilight

12.       Built To Spill-Keep It Like A Secret

13.       Make Up-Save Yourself

14.       Looper-Up A Tree

15.       Piano Magic-Low Birth Weight

16.       Low-Secret Name

17.       Nice In The Water-Plays One Sound And Others

18.       Prolapse-A Ghot Of Dead Aeroplanes

19.       Jim O´Rourke-Eureka

20.       Olivia Tremor Control-Black Foliage

21.       Marine Research-Sound From The Gulfstream

22.       Echo & The Bunnymen-What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?

23.       Dakote Suite-Barbe Wire Sence

24.       Add N To (X)-Avant Hard

25.       Beck-Midnight Vultures

26.       Bis-Social Dancing

27.       Stereolab-Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Way

28.       Ben Folds Five-Reinhold Messmer

29.       Monsieur Morio-Click Et Craque

30.       Le Tigre-same



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