Borderline Extra 516 vom 25/06/2010

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Cold Blue Music, Part 8





Album (Label)



Michael Fahres



The Tubes (Cold Blue Music 2007)

Charlemagne Palestine

A Sweet Quasimodo ... (excerpt)


A Sweet Quasimodo ... (Cold Blue Music 2007)

John Luther Adams

Dark Waves


Red Arc / Blue Veil (Cold Blue Music 2007)

Steve Peters

The Webster Cycles (excerpt)


The Webster Cycles (Cold Blue Music 2008)

Daniel Lentz

Night Breaker


Point Conception (Cold Blue Music 2009)

Chas Smith



Nakadai (Cold Blue Music 2009)

Christopher Roberts



Trios For Deep Voices (Cold Blue Music 2009)

Peter Garland

Mori (The Blind Courtesan And Singer Irho Became Ikkyu’s Lover)


String Quartets (Cold Blue Music 2009)

John Luther Adams

In A Room


The Place We Began (Cold Blue Music 2009)

Christopher Hobbs

Sudoku 82 (excerpt)


Sudoku 82 (Cold Blue Music 2009)

Christopher Roberts

Last Cicada Singing


Last Cicada Singing (Cold Blue Music 2009)



 Kontakt / Contact:


Cold Blue Music

PO Box 2938

Venice, CA 90294-2938


Phone/ Fax: 001-310-821-9197



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