Borderline Extra 496 vom 21/08/2009

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Geräusche für die 80er, Part 4





Album (Label)



Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)


Rust Never Sleeps (Warner 1979)

Talking Heads
Houses In Motion


Remain In Light (Sire 1980)

MX-80 Sound
Frankie I’m Sorry


Out Of The Tunnel (Ralph 1980)

Martha & The Muffins
Women Around The World


This Is The Ice Age (Dindisc 1981)

Grandmaster Flash
Flash Tears The Roof Off


The Official Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash (Strut)

Afrika Bambaataa
Zulu Nation Throwdown


Looking For The Perfect Beat 1980-1985 (Tommy Boy)

Wicked Witch
Electric War


Chaos 1978-86 (EG)

Legendary Pink Dots


Love Puppets

Psychic TV
Je t’aime


Good Vibrations + Roman P. (Temple 1984)

Nurse With Wound
Sea Armchair


Spiral Insana (Torso 1986)

Current 93
Time Tryeth Truth


Earth Covers Earth (United Dairies 1988)

Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle


Goes Underground (Zick Zack 1984)

Camp Sophisto

Herbst 83


Camouflage (Sneake Pete 1984)




I’D Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You) (Büro / Ata Tak 1986)

Der Plan



Es ist eine fremde und seltsame Welt (Ata Tak 1987)

Gol Gappas

Albert Parker


Various – London Pavilion (él 1986)

The Times

This Is London


This Is London (Artpop)

The Field Mice

The Last Letter


Various – Shadow Factory (Sarah 1988)

Deep Freeze Mice

Minstrel Radio Yoghurt


My Geraniums Are Bulletproof (Madagascar)

Camper van Beethoven

Take The Skinheads Bowling


Telephone Free Landslide Victory (Rough Trade)

Hüsker Dü

Helter Skelter


Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely (12”) (Warner 1986)





Kolossale Jugend

Gehe, Zähle


Heile Heile Boches (l’age d’or 1989)

Neil Young

Rockin In The Free World


Freedom (Reprise 1989)



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