Borderline Extra 485 vom 23/01/2009

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Reissues 2008





Album (Label)



Peter Gordon
Life Is Boring


Star Jaws (Lovely Music)

Ragga Twins
Ragga Trip


Ragga Twins Step Out (Soul Jazz)

Fripp & Eno
Evening Star


Evening Star (Opal / DGM / Pavegyric)



1 2 3 (~scape)

Aksak Maboul / Honeymoon Killers

Boss De Crosses Dans Le Doulos


Various –The Recommended Sampler 1982 (ReR Megacorp)

Heiner Goebbels

Berlin Kudamm 12/04/81


Various –The Recommended Sampler 1982 (ReR Megacorp)

Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Theme De Yoyo


Les Stances A Sophie  (Soul Jazz)

Circle X



Prehistory (Blue Chopsticks)

Current 93

“Moonlight” You Will Say


 Of Ruine Or Some  Blazing Starre (Durtro)

Bernard Parmegiani



L’Oeuvre Musicale (ina)

Fripp & Eno

Swastika Girls (excerpt)


No Pussyfooting (Opal / DGM / Pavegyric)

Dennis Wilson

River Song


Pacific Ocean Blue (Legacy)

Robert Wyatt



Shleep (Domino)

Fred Frith

Jigsaw (excerpt)


Technology Of Tears (Fred / ReR Megacorp)

David Rosenboom

Corona Dance


Future Travel (New World)

Sun Ra

Saturn Research


Media Dreams (Art Yard / ReR Megacorp)

The Blue Notes

Coming Home


The Ogun Collection (Ogun)



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