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Leo Records, Part 7





Album (Label)



Sun Ra and his Space Arkestra

Discipline 27


What Planet Is This? (Leo 2006)

Pago Libre

W 9th Street


Stepping Out (Leo 2005)

Mark O´Leary / Tomasz Stanko / Billy Hart



Levitation (Leo 2005)

Richard Carr / Mike Nord / Georg Hofmann / Art Maddox



Biosphere (Leo 2006)

Joelle Léandre

Meeting Five (with William Parker)


At The Le Mans Jazz Festival (Leo 2006)

Actis Band

Santiero Del Re


Allende (Leo 2006)

John Wolf Brennan

Open, To Be


Pictures In A Gallery (Leo 2006)

Mark Nauseef / Ikue Mori / Walter Quintus / Sylvie Courvoisier

Creative Spirit Of God


Albert (Leo 2006)

Matthew Mitchell / Duncan Haynes



The Urban Choreographic (Leo 2006)

The Sun Ra Arkestra

Calling Planet Earth


Springtime In Chicago (Leo 2006)


Leo Records

16 Woodland Avenue


Newton Abbot TQ12 5BB

United Kingdom

Fax: +44 (0)1803 872 167


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