Borderline Extra 395 vom 06/10/2006

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Columbus Discount Records





Album (Label)



Terribly Empty Pockets

Sexy World


Sexy World 7” (Columbus Discount Records)

Terribly Empty Pockets

Boys Club


Get Wet (Columbus Discount Records)

The Proper Nouns

Birds & Butterflies


Birds & Butterflies (Columbus Discount Records)

The Proper Nouns

My Beautiful Wickedness


Birds & Butterflies (Columbus Discount Records)

Tree Of Snakes

Serious Knife Fight


I am the lion 7” (Columbus Discount Records)


Stalking Mark E Smith arround NYC


Stalking Mark E Smith arround NYC 7”(Columbus Discount Records)


Driving The Interstate


The Hackled Ruff & Shoulder Name (Columbus Discount Records)

Times New Viking

“Love Side”


Busy Making Love + War 7” (Columbus Discount Records)

Jordan O´Jordan

An Old Foundry Fable


Not Style … (Columbus Discount Records)

El Jesus De Magico

NFL/AFL Merger


El Jesus De Magico (Columbus Discount Records)

The Blue Revision

Last Age


Day Terrors (Columbus Discount Records)

Psychedelic Horseshit

Phony Detectives


Who Let The Dogs Out? 7” (Columbus Discount Records)

The Stapler

Subway Tunnel, Charm Braclet


Metaphysical Haircut (Columbus Discount Records)



Columbus Discount Records
369 E. Oakland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43202





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