Borderline Extra 344 vom 07/10/2005

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


Family Vineyard, Part 2





Album (Label)



The Blithe Sons

Animals Of The Seashore


Arm Of The Starfish (Family Vineyard 2004)

Lovely Midget

North Head


North Head (Family Vineyard 2004)


Point Blank


Western Classics (Family Vineyard 2004)


Donīt Hate The French


Weīre An American Band (Family Vineyard 2005)

Loren Connors

Her Fate


The Depenting Of A Dream Vol. III: Juliet (Family Vineyard 2004)

Cold Bleak Heat

Never Giveīem What They Want


Itīs Magnificent, But It Isnīt War (Family Vineyard 2005)


Track 4


From The Bottle (Family Vineyard 2005)

Philip Gayle

Zoomly Zoomly


The Mommy Row (Family Vineyard 2005)

Unstable Ensemble

Black Wings


Embers (Family Vineyard 2005)



Family Vineyard
PO Box 12243

Raleigh, NC 27605 USA



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