Borderline Extra 330 vom 04/07/2005

zusammengestellt und moderiert von Dirk Liese


The New Weird America, Part 5





Album (Label)




Good Friday


La Maison De Mon Ręve (Touch & Go 2004)


Byss & Abyss


Espers (Locust)

The Suntanama

Corduroy Lawsuit


The Suntanama (Drag City 2002)

Sunburned Hand Of The Man

Glass Boat


Rare Wood (Spirit Of Orr 2004)

Cul de Sac / Damo Suzuki

Berlin 3


Abhayamudra (Strange Attractors 2004)

Jackie-O Motherfucker

2nd Ave 2AM


The Magick Fire Music / Wow! (ATP 2003)

Cold Bleak Heat

The Blue Dabs Of Varicose Veins


Itīs Magnificient, But It Isnīt War (Family Vineyard 2005)

Vibracathedral Orchestra / Lauhkeat Lampaat / Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty

When The World Comes From Your Mouth, Weīll Begin To Live


Various Artists – QBICO U-Nite Bruxelles II (Qbico 2005)

The Blithe Sons

We Walk The Young Earth


We Walk The Young Earth (Family Vineyard 2003)

The Blithe Sons

Animals Of The Seashore


Arm Of The Starfish (Family Vineyard 2004)


Desert Song (Zabriskie Point)


The Tenth Corner (Strange Attractors 2004)

Surface Of Eceyon

Stolen Wind


Dragyyn (Strange Attractors 2003)


Bulky Knit Cheerleader


Donīt Climb On And Take The Holy Water (Strange Attractors 2004)

Bird Show

Morning / Evening


Green Inferno (Kranky 2005)

Dan Matz



Carry Me Over (Amish 2004)

John Fahey



Red Cross (Revenant 2003)




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