Jahrescharts 1997


Dirk Liese


1.                  Robert Wyatt Shleep

2.                  Daft Punk Homework

3.                  Carl Craig Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art

4.                  Subtle Tease Going For An Offer

5.                  Isotope 217 The Unstable Molecule

6.                  Built To Spill Perfect From Now On

7.                  Faze Action Plans & Designs

8.                  VA Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach

9.                  Nuyorican Soul Nuyorican Soul

10.               I:Cube Picnic Attack

11.               Trans Am Surrender To The Night

12.               VA Sourcelab 3xy

13.               Kante Zwischen Den Orten

14.               Mogwai Mogwai Young Team

15.               Tied + Tickled Trio same

16.               Bob Dylan Time Out Of Mind

17.               Stereolab Dots And Loops

18.               Mouse On Mars Autoditaker

19.               Workshop Meiguiweisheng Xiang

20.               To Rococo Rot Veiculo

21.               Nick Holder One Night In The Disco

22.               Karma Pad Sounds

23.               Make Up Sound Verite

24.               MC Solaar Paradisque

25.             VA Camp Skin Graft


Georg Ackermann Friedrich Klemm Uwe Liese

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