Dirk Liese


Mehr Schönes aus 2005 / more fine records out of 2005


Various Artists -  Amerivan Primitive Vol. II - Pre War Revenants (1897-1939) (Revenant)

Antony and the Johnsons -  I Am A Bird Now (Rough Trade)

My Cat Is An Alien -  When The Windmill´s Whirl Dies (Eclipse)

Dockstader, Tod -  Aerial #1 (Sub Rosa)

Stars, the -  Plane To Hideaway (Pedal)

Low -  The Great Destroyer (Rough Trade)

Combat Astronomy -  The Dematerialised Passenger (Discus)

Banhart, Devendra -  Cripple Crow (XL)

Boris -  Akuma No Uta (Southern Lord)

Akron/Family -  same (Young God)

Dorgon, Mr. -  God Is Greatest (Tzadik)

Burning Star Core -  The Very Heart Of The World (Thin Wrist)

Gira, Michael -  The Body Lovers - The Body Haters (Young God)

Theodore -  A Summer She Has Never Been, A Winter She Fears (Lo)

Hacke, Alexander - Sanctuary (Koolarrow)

Soft Machine -  Out-Bloody-Rageous An Anthology 1967-1973 (Sony)

Von Imhof, Matthias -  Mental Scars (Spool)

Fahey, John -  The Great Santa Barbara Oil Sick (Water)

Hukkelberg, Hanne -  Little Things (Leaf)

Various Artists - Spire - Live In Geneva Cathedral (Touch)

Bombay 1 -  Strobl (Grönland)

Lightning Bolt -  Hypermagic Mountain (Load)

Kiritchenko, Andrey -  True Delusion (Spekk)

Sonic Youth su Tim Barnes -  Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisiminimui (SYR)

Cox, Rick -  Fade (Cold Blue)

Fox, Jim -  Descansos, Past (Cold Blue)

Gann, Kyle -  Long Night (Cold Blue)

Tiersen, Yann -  Les Retrouvailles (Labels)

Belhom, Thomas -  Cheval Oblique (Sommerweg)

Various Artists -  Wahrnehmungen 1980/1981 (Vinyl-On-Demand)

Herbert, Matthew -  Plat Du Jour (Accidental)

Rouge Ciel -  Veuillez Procéder (Monsieur FauteuxEntendez-Vous?)

McBride, Brian -  When The Detail Lost Ist Freedom (Kranky)

Books, the -  Lost And Save (Tomlab)

Angels Of Light & Akron/Family -  same (Young God)

Basinski, William -  Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive (Die Stadt / Durtro)

Dirty Three -  Cinder (V2)

Wolf, Patrick -  Wind In The Wires (Tomlab)

Donna Regina -  Slow Killer (Karaoke Kalk)

Sylvian, David -  The Only Daughter (Samadhi Sound)

Kuvezin, Albert and Yat-Kha -  Re-Covers (Pläne)

Lickets, the -  Apartment Tree (International Corporation)

Lickets, ths -  Fake Universe Man (International Corporation)

Animal Collective -  Feels (FatCat)

Current 93 -  Judas As Black Moth (Castle)

Nurse With Wound -  Livin´ Fear Of James Last (Castle)

Doyle, Arthur -  No More Crazy Women (Qbico)

Stevens, John Quartet -  New Cool (Emanem)

Focus Group, the -  Hey Let Loose Your Love (Ghost Box)

Fennesz / Sakamoto -  Sala Santa Cecilia (Touch)

Bird Show -  Green Inferno (Kranky)

Sunn O))) -  Black One (Sothern Lord)

Espers -  The Weed Tree (Locust)

Chinaboise -  The Greatest Story Ever told (Gulcher)

Angels Of Light, the -  The Angel Of Light Sing "Other People" (Young God)

Coq, le -  Tête De Gondole (Saravah)

Eno, Brian -  Another Day On Earth (Hannibal)

Sub Rosa -  Tibetian Buddhist Rites From The Monasteries Of Bhutan (Sub Rosa)

Bright -  Bells Break Their Towers (Strange Attractors)

Thuja -  Pine Cone Temples (Strange Attractors)

Bell, Clive & Hallett, Sylvia -  The Geographers (Emanem)

Archer, Martin -  Heritage And Ringtones (Discus)

Kammerflimmer Kollektief -  Absencen (Staubgold)

Nine Horses -  Snow Borne Sorrow (Samadhi Sound)

Ridiculous Trio, The -  Plays The Stooges (4Boxs)

Pearls Before Swine -  The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings (ESP)

Sufjan Stevens – Come In Feel The Illinoise (Rough Trade)

Behrman, David -  My Dear Siegfried (XI)

Hijokaidan – The Last Recording Album (Alchemy)

Kirkegaard, Jacob -  Eldfjall (Touch)

KK.Null / Watson, Chris / Z´Ev -  Number One (Touch)

Various Artists -  New Thing! (Soul Jazz)

Ulan Bator -  Rodeo Massacre (Jestrai)

Kopp, Hermann -  Mondo Carnale (Vinyl On Demand)

King, Cast -  Saw Mill Man (Locust)

Six Organs Of Admittance -  School Of The Flower (Drag City)

Mutter -  Das ganze Spektrum des Nichts (Enduro)

S.Y.P.H. -  Rare & Lost Into The Future (Vinyl On Demand)

Bit Rate – NF3 (db)

Soft Machine Legacy, the -  Live In Zaandam (Moonjune)

Lau NauKuurtaha (Locust)

Chauveau, Sylvain & Ensemble Nocturne -  Down To The Bone (DSA)

Brennan, John Wolf -  I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S. (Creative Works)

Broadcast -  Tender Buttons (Warp)

Davenport -  Free Country (Last Visible Dog)

Nadler, Marissa -  The Saga Of Mayflower May (Eclipse)

Foster, Josephine -  Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You (Locust)

Orb, the -  Okie Dokie It´s The Orb On Kompakt (Kompakt)

Howe, Susan & Grubbs, David -  Thiefth (Blue Chopsticks)

OOIOO -  Gold & Green (Thrill Jockey)